About Us

The Sacco Got Registered By The Ministry Of Cooperatives On 25/6/1987, Registration Number Cs4918. It Opened Banking Services In Maua Town In 1991 At Its Own Building Identified As Meru North Farmers Sacco Building Currently Dhabiti Sacco Building After The Sacco Rebranded. The Sacco Was Founded By Then Coffee Farmers From Igembe Cooperative Society, Tigania Cooperative Society And Miathene Cooperative Society. The Total Membership By Then Was Over 40,000 Coffee Farmers From The Entire Nyambene Region.The Sacco Opened Its Common Bond In The Period 1996 After The Coffee Sector Declined In Performance. Members Was Invited From The Tea Sector, Civil Service And Institutions.

Becoming A Member Requires One To Have An Entrance Fee Of Ksh500/=, Membership Shares Of Ksh1,000 And Maintain An Active Account. To Keep Abreast With The Financial Market And Remain Competitive, The Sacco Changed Its Name From Meru North Farmers Sacco To Dhabiti Sacco Ltd In The Year 2012 And This Bold Move Has Really Yielded Positive Fruits In Its Operations. The Sacco Is Licensed By The Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority With The Current License Number Ss/0096/22 Which Authorizes The Sacco To Collect Deposits From Members And Disburse Loans To Them Within The Regulators Prudential Guidelines